What Qualities Should You Be Looking For When Hiring a Landscape Designer?

At JJ Landscapes and Ponds, as we continue to grow, we regularly are faced with the challenge of recruiting additional landscape designers. We have developed and refined our recruitment process over the years, and it occurred to us that the same factors that we focus on to recruit a landscape designer should also be the qualities that any prospective customer would be looking for when hiring a Landscape Designer. Below are the key things we look for in a landscape designer; we hope that this can inspire you and help you in your search for what we believe is a critically important choice.

Professionalism and Reliability

Landscape DesignerA Landscape Designer is a professional occupation, and anyone holding that title should fill you with confidence in their ability and reliability. They will not only be responsible for designing your garden but also for ensuring that the entire process from start to finish runs smoothly and without any hassle.

A registered landscape gardener has to go through an extensive and robust process to ensure that they are qualified to perform the job, follow ethical standards and have the requisite knowledge to deliver a high-quality service. This knowledge covers a range of topics, including but not limited to the legal system and planning legislation, which ultimately will provide the student with a university degree. Of course, the learning should never stop once the degree has been obtained. At JJ Landscapes, all of our landscape designers embrace a lifelong philosophy of learning using the experience they have gained from previous garden design projects to enhance and improve their skillsets and knowledge.

An Inclusive Approach To The Environment

Anyone involved in landscape gardening should have environmental concerns at the front and centre of everything they do. When designing a garden, for instance, everything should not be just about the look and aesthetic of a garden. Extensive planning should go into the choice of trees and plants, the type of soil in the garden and will everything meld together naturally. Often we will work with experts in the field, such as ecologists and arborists. We will undertake a process known as a landscape and visual impact assessment, which not only relies on our professional knowledge and expertise but also incorporates environmental awareness. This level of awareness, combined with many years of education and learning, enables and inspires the decisions we make and the advice we give to our clients.

A Natural Ability and Flair To Communicate Ideas and Concepts With A Customer

Landscape Design can be a very technical subject, and it is very easy for a passionate landscape designer to get too deep into the weeds (excuse the pun) when talking about their plans and ideas. Any potential customer has to get on board with the concepts presented and to do that they need to get the vision and understand exactly what you, as a landscape designer, are trying to deliver. All of the landscape designers at JJ Landscapes and Ponds can talk eloquently and passionately about their vision so that our clients become excited and part of the decision-making process. Our role is to bring your vision to life, not our vision, which is why we view this aspect of the job as a collaborative process, something which our customers often positively comment on once the work has been completed.

A Clear Focus on The Customers Needs

Following on from the last point, and very much linked to this concept, is designing your garden with you, the end user, in mind. For instance, if you have young children who will be actively playing in the garden, then the plants and even the type of grass chosen must be considered. How much gardening the customer wants to do, whether they are keen to be out in the garden daily or want a low-maintenance but beautiful garden, should always be a key factor in the design process.

The key is to listen to your customer and have the capacity and the ability to put yourselves in their shoes to meet their needs and requirements. If, in the initial design or interview process, you get the impression that a landscape gardener is forcing their ideas and concepts on you rather than listening to what you want, then this is clearly a red flag. It should tell you that this specific company is not a good match.

An Out of The Box Thinker

Although not everyone wants an unusual garden design that gets people talking, in our experience, the vast majority of people who employ the services of a Landscape Designer want the design to catch the eye of their guests and become a conversation piece. We always look for highly creative designers who can envisage something unique that our customers are thrilled with.

Never Forget That You Are The Customer, Have Confidence in Your Abilities and Decisions.

Although this article might have made it sound like landscape gardeners are geniuses, they do not and will never know all the answers. As the saying goes, the customer is always right; if you have a specific want or need for your garden, do not let the landscape gardener put you off unless there is a very specific reason that you are given. Have faith in your decisions, and ensure that the result is what you want and that it suits your lifestyle.

Whatever your garden needs or desires, the team at JJ Landscapes and Ponds can help turn your dreams into reality. Our Landscape Designers are friendly, passionate and skilled and will ensure that you will be absolutely delighted with your garden for years to come. Call us today on 0161 519 7799

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