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You may be new to fish keeping or an experienced Koi keeper, but sometimes its hard to recognise if your fish are in distress. Catching the early signs of parasites or bad water quality is key. Noticing too late may result in the death of beloved fish. What can you do to help prevent this you may ask?

Our fish expert will come out on site, inspect the fish to see what signs they are displaying. From there we will test the water quality to see if either the PH, GH, KH, Ammonia, Nitrite or Nitrate are out of balance. We will also conduct a fish scrape on site, so there is no more stress added to the fish due to transporting it to someone that can offer a scrape – as these are few and far between!
The parasite can then be identified by using a microscope. Any ulcers, finrot, or bacterial problems can easily be treated. Once the problem has been identified, whether its bad water quality or a pesky parasite, our expert can advise on the best solution to treat the fish and provide what is needed to fix the problem.

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Below are a few examples to why you may be losing fish:

  • Bad water quality: This is the most popular reason why people loose fish. Keeping this in check is extremely important. Making sure you have adequate filtration, regular pond maintenance and reducing feeding to once a day will help prevent this. Why not check out our Pond cleaning services if you’re experiencing this!
  • Parasites: Sometimes its difficult to identify when your fish are experiencing parasites. More often or not you will see the fish either jumping, flashing on the side of the pond (flicking) or they can be extremely lethargic sat on the bottom of the pond. Identifying the parasite is key as not all treatments treat for everything.
  • Overfeeding: This goes with bad water quality. The more you feed the more waste the fish will produce. If there is still uneaten food after 5 minutes, remove this. Once a day is plenty for the fish, although they will often come back to the top searching for more!
  • Predators: Sadly, people often experience the occasional visit from the local Heron. Your fish are a tasty treat for them so we would advise either covering the pond with a net or install a deterrent. Our experts can advise on this and supply and install them for you.
  • Fish Jumping out: This is a common problem when fish are experiencing parasites or during breeding season. A net is advised or something a little more modern like glass jump guards as nets can be a little unsightly. JJ Landscapes and waterscapes can provide and install these for you.

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