Professional Pond Cleaning Service

Pond cleaning in the Northwest areas such as Tameside, Cheshire and Wilmslow area.

This is our most popular option as it instantly gives you a healthy and beautiful looking pond. We pride ourselves on taking care in peoples ponds, as some liners are more delicate than others.

Your pond will be completely cleaned of any sludge and debris, as well as a health check on all livestock. Water testing will be conducted and if there are any signs of parasites on the fish, we will also scrape these free of charge!

Your pump and filtration will be inspected and cleaned. Professional advise can be given on site if you have any queries regarding the equipment or if you simply want to upgrade.

Pond cleaning is extremely important to keep your pond, and fish, healthy! Without regularly cleaning, sludge and debris can accumulate at the bottom of your pond and in the pond liner folds which causing multiple problems further down the line.

We can tailor this to your preference to meet your expectations and your budget.

Here’s what steps are taken in this package:

  • Safe removal of fish into temporary holding vat
  • Inspection of fish health
  • Pond cleaning
  • Vacuuming pond interior for leaf and debris removal
  • If the lining material can handle it, we will pressure wash the insides of the pond
  • Removal, pruning, or reintroducing aquatic plants
  • Cleaning and inspection of equipment – such as filtration and pumps
  • Waterfall maintenance
  • Pond refill with safe clean water for aquatic life
  • Safe return of any livestock removed

If you require something more specific, please contact the team at JJ Landscapes to discuss further.


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