Pond Liner Installation

The quickest and easiest way of making your new pond water tight is to install a pond liner. Pond liners come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Our technical advisors can go through these options and help advise which one is best suited to your budget.
More often than not we install rubber pond liners either Firestone EPDM rubber or SealEco EPDM rubber which are the best of quality at either 0.75mm or 1mm thick. There are cheaper alternatives available but we always recommend a rubber pond liner.

A good quality underlay is always essential! Without a good quality pond underlay surrounding tree roots or sharp bits of rock can easily pierce through the cheaper underlay and into the liner causing punctures.

Our team are well trained with installing these pond liners and offer a professional pond liner installation service.

pond liner

Boxweld Liners and Fiberglass 

If your not keen on seeing any folds in the corners (although we can often hide these well) we can also supply and install a rubber Boxweld Liner. These are liners made to fit your pond dimensions exactly – We will measure this for you!

Alternatively, if your budget can stretch a little further and looking for something more robust and cleaner, we also offer a fiberglassing service. We work with the best rated company in the UK for fiberglassing so you’re sure to get a professional service and finish. Fiberglassed ponds are easier to clean but more importantly they are a lot less likely to leak.

We can offer:

  • Pond liner recommendations and installation
  • Supply of pond liner and underlay
  • Pond Fiberglass installation
  • Boxweld liner supply and installation

If you have any queries or would like a free no obligation quote please feel free to Contact the team.


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