Large Garden Makeover – Lower Peover, Knutsford

Landscaping a large garden offers an unparalleled canvas for transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking wonders. With ample room to play, the potential for creativity is boundless. From designing large Porcelain pathways that wind through lush greenery to incorporating captivating water features that add tranquility, the possibilities are endless. Beyond aesthetic appeal, large gardens can enhance property value, promote biodiversity, and provide endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

What the customer had.

When we arrived on site the customer had a standard new build type garden with limited patio area to relax in, typically what you see in new build houses. The ground of the left hand side of the garden were lower than the rest which made it very impracticable space. The lawn was also on a slope making it harder for the children to play football. The lack of variety in plant selection and landscaping design made the space uninteresting and uninviting. The uneven grass posed challenges for maintenance and limited the potential for enjoyable outdoor activities.

Hard landscaping first

Before starting the project, a thorough site analysis is conducted to assess the soil condition, drainage patterns, and sunlight exposure. Clearing the designated areas is the initial step, ensuring all debris, weeds, and unwanted vegetation are removed. Subsequently, the ground is excavated to the appropriate depth, and proper grading is established to facilitate efficient water runoff. Additionally, a solid and sturdy base is laid for the patio, using Type-1 MOT. For the grass area, premium topsoil is applied, by prioritizing these preparatory measures, we guarantee a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing outdoor space for our clients to enjoy for years to come.

Now that the garden was a blank canvas and the foundations were laid we could now visualize the different areas within the garden and the benefits it will bring. We added on to the path which ran along the side of the house making it into a larger patio area where furniture could be placed. Keeping in theme with the grey porcelain tiles, although these weren’t a perfect match, mixing them worked really well.

We incorporated the wooden sleepers not only to add a rustic charm to the landscape but also serve as durable, long-lasting borders for the plants and walk way. Their versatility allows for creative designs, while their natural appearance blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment. When properly installed, these flowerbeds provided excellent drainage and help retain soil, ensuring optimal growth and health for the newly planted plants.

New premium lawn turf

As professional landscapers, we take great pride in the meticulous installation of lush lawns in gardens. To create this stunning green canvas, we began by carefully preparing the soil, removing any debris. Next, we selected the finest turf from our suppliers. Once the turf strips were laid a gentle watering schedule is maintained to promote healthy growth. When the grass establishes, regular mowing and maintenance ensure a velvety, luxurious lawn. Seeing the transformation from bare ground to a verdant oasis is always immensely satisfying.

 Artificial grass for children’s playing area

Around the side of the house was a forgot and unusable area. Our design team came up with and created the perfect space for the children to play in. We laid 32mm premium artificial grass sheet for the children to play football on. This meant that most of the main lawn wasn’t damaged by the clattering of children and their toys. Having a dedicated kids area in a garden is always recommended with larger spaces as its not always doable in smaller gardens.





If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us or if you want further inspiration, make sure you check out other landscaping garden projects we have done!



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