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Landscape Gardener StockportOnce you have made the decision to landscape your garden, it is very easy to get carried away. Your mind is overflowing with ideas and concepts, you are spending an inordinate amount of time searching Pinterest or other social media websites and inspiration, and then unable to wait any longer, you call the first landscape gardener you can find and get ready to move forward.

This is a theme that, unfortunately, we have had to deal with on numerous occasions, where the end result was disappointment, unnecessary expense and the feeling that time, energy and effort had been wasted. This blog aims to remove that scenario for anyone who reads it so that they end up with a happy ending and, more importantly, a garden of their dreams. By investing a little time and research into choosing a landscape gardener in Stockport, you are likely to save money, at the time as getting a better result. So let’s examine the step-by-step process of hiring a quality landscape gardener in Stockport.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Landscape Gardener in StockportPart of the problem with landscape gardening is the perception that television programs have given the general public. A team of designers turn up and transforms a garden within 24 hours, but in the real world, this is rarely, if ever, likely to happen. First of all, the critical factor that any prospective landscape gardener needs to fulfil is the ability to find the balance between creative flair, your taste, and the practical realities of what you want or should expect. In the same breath, you need to be aware of your expectations and not make outrageous or unachievable demands of your landscape gardener.

Our advice is to always interview any prospective landscaper to get some sort of feeling of how you might get on with a particular person. A quick and easy method for reducing the number of people you have to physically meet is by following the following seven-point checklist.

The Seven-Point Checklist You Should Always Follow

Years of experience – Although the number of years of experience is no guarantee that a landscape gardener will be at the top of their game, it will provide you with some guidance as to how many gardens they have successfully landscaped and, in theory at least, the longer they have been in business could potentially demonstrate that they are reasonably good at their job. All of the staff at JJ Landscapes and Ponds have many years of experience within the industry and are committed to ensuring that every customer is delighted with the project before they leave the site.

Relevant insurance – Do they have employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance? This is another good method for confirming if a company is following the appropriate procedures rather than someone more interested in doing cash-in-hand jobs with no protection for you as the customer. At JJ Landscapes and Ponds, we have all of the relevant insurance in place and are more than happy to provide proof upon request.

Skill – Landscape Gardening, for some people at least, is one of those skills which look easy to accomplish, but in reality, is actually a very skilful occupation. You want to ensure that anyone you employ to transform your garden has the necessary skills and expertise to implement your ideas and concepts. The best way to assess this is to ask to see photographs of any recent gardens they have completed and, if it is possible, to speak to previous customers to seek their opinion. If a landscape gardener is loath to provide you with previous customers’ contact details, this should be considered a red flag. At JJ Landscapes and Ponds, we have hundreds of previous customers who have already given us permission to share their details; such was their delight at our work.

Industry knowledge – Although we might not like to acknowledge it, landscape gardening has many similarities to the fashion industry; people’s tastes change constantly. A few years ago, for instance, wooden decking was very popular, whereas very few people wanted a pergola in their garden. Today, on the other hand, wood has overwhelmingly been replaced by composite decking, thanks to the variety of colour choices and its longevity. That is why employing a landscape gardener with industry knowledge is very important, as they should be the experts who can guide you down the right path.

Creativity – Another area of expertise that you should look for is the creativity of the landscape gardener. This is different to the skill, as the talent is in implementing your ideas; the creativity refers to the ability to come up with creative ideas and concepts in the first place.

Customer service – Another critical component of hiring a landscape gardener is the quality of their customer service. You want to know that if and when a problem does arise, or should something happen after the work has been completed, that the company you choose will stand fully behind their work and not leave you high and dry. At JJ Landscapes and Ponds, we take our landscaping services encompass reputation very seriously. It has taken us years of exemplary work to build up that reputation, and so we will never put it at risk by providing poor service.

Landscape DesignerLandscape Gardener Stockport

Once you have gone through this checklist with any possible companies that you are interested in and have cut down your shortlist of people, the next stage is to invite them to your property to see the garden in question. This will then enable you to get an idea of their vision for your specific garden and make an informed decision as to the company you wish to undertake your job.

JJ Landscapes and Ponds would love to be offered the opportunity to present our thoughts and ideas to you in regard to your garden.

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