Sloping Garden

Every garden has the potential to have added appeal and cut down on maintenance costs and time. A recent project in Poynton was undertaken to reduce both as the client had a very hectic lifestyle and didn’t want to add cutting grass to the mix – but also wanted a unique garden design that looked appealing.

Our team worked with the client to create a unique use of two spaces by joining them together with sleeper borders and planting, creating the very best use of a sloping garden in a private residence. The garden was laid with an Indian stone circle patio framed in an Autumn colour stone, containing a perfectly circular patch of 30mm artificial grass. Whilst this garden was done with the client’s budget in mind, the finished product gave an incredibly high-end feel within the new build Poynton estate.

The project took just one week from start to finish and was met with high praise from the busy client.

Are you tired of the upkeep and time your garden needs? Are you wanting a unique garden design that takes less maintenance?
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