Specially Designed Pond

Some of the jobs at JJ Landscapes are true passion projects that we work on when we find time in our busy schedule between jobs. One project was a bespoke pond design built for our owner Jason.

Patience Adds Virtue

As the space in the garden was unused – and had the potential for something that would add extra character – we chose to get creative in designing and building a pond that would make good use of our spare time between our bigger projects – and be an ongoing job that would take over a year to complete. The results speak for themselves.

The pond had to be hand dug as we were so tight on space and unable to use a machine and had to use a pickaxe and spade, so it took a lot of effort.

We had to remove over 20 tonnes of soil and builders’ rubble. Once the hole was perfect, we had to lay a concrete base and bottom drain with an air bubbler built in.

Once this was done the walls were built during the first part of lockdown which gave us the opportunity to turn a bad time into a positive as we were so busy building other people’s gardens that our own projects stood idle.

Seeing is Believing

We fully rendered the inside base of the pond and lined it with fibreglass, finishing it with a black topcoat. With the Granite copings finishing the top, we complimented black granite with grey porcelain panels as cladding for a great visual style and to top it we have a Perspex viewing window in the side so once the fish were in, they could look at the world from within.

We decided to put the pergola up to help stop the sun causing any issues with algae, a roof on the pergola helps complete the pond design.

To finalise the overall effect, we planted sleeper beds to soften the hard edges and a wisteria.

Want Something Similar?

As you can see, this passion project was worth the extended time between projects to make great use of dead garden space. If you’re searching for pond and water features and desire something similar for your garden space, contact JJ Landscapes today, your go to landscaping company.


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