Full Garden Renovation- Woodford, Cheshire

The customer contacted our designer and explained that their current garden was dated and not practical but most of all, not nice to relax in. Our Landscaping experts came out and offered some suggestions on what would be nice and what we could do to fit it within their budget. A large patio area was a must. Within 24 hours we came out, viewed the garden and quoted (in budget). The finished work left our customer speechless!

Garden Design 

When we came the garden had a small standard patio area which wasn’t very big and grass that wasn’t looking so good. There were 4 levels that were quite small which made it not very practical. After a long discussion with the client we decided to put the garden onto three levels. The first level had a narrow Indian stone patio with sleeper steps up to the middle level. The next level had a large run of grass with a sleeper raised flower bed so the customer could get some vibrant colours in the garden with a mixture of shrubs and flowers. The final top section of the garden was separated with a beautiful sleeper boarder which lead up to the smaller patio area with turf surrounding.

How long did this garden take to finish?  

With us having plenty of skilled workers on hand, this job didnt take as long as you would think to complete. It took just less than three weeks for us to completely rip out the old multi level garden and fully transform it.

Should you use sleeper flowerbeds in a garden?

When there is a lot of hardscaping in the garden sleeper flower beds are a great way to breakup and create a contrast between the stone patios and soil. Many people think that sleepers are hard to maintain and just rot, but if the sleeper flower bed is lined with a waterproof membrane or a rubber paint, the wood will last much longer. You can easily get 20+ years with a well looked after sleeper. They tend to be relatively heavy so if the flower bed isn’t too large but well connected together, you can get away with not having to use steaks for support.

Indian Stone patio with premium turf and sleeper flowerbeds

Seeing is believing! Landscaping is hard work but well worth it. Take a look at the pictures below with the before being the starting image. Im sure you can agree this is something special.

If you have any queries or would like a free no obligation quotation on some garden work for you then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Check out this link for more landscaping inspiration (https://www.jjlandscapesandponds.co.uk/projects/



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