A Modern Indian Stone Patio with Premium Artificial Grass – Wigan

Our landscaping team thrive on an empty canvas, this project was perfect for a complete re design designed by the client and our on site designer.

Our client wanted a usable space that was easy to maintain, somewhere for the adults to relax and somewhere for the kids to play. This is exactly what they got and more! As the client had outdoor hobbies he needed somewhere to store his equipment so the large shed was the only thing to stay.

The design and finish

Our designer and the client decided to use a grey Indian stone set pack which consists of several sizes, this gives you that modern look rather than standard sized paving stone which can look dated. A 35mm premium artificial grass was installed from our own range in the center of the garden. Pet friendly and soft, this area is now ideal for the children to play and for the adults to do a little sunbathing.

With every garden, we feel its important to have somewhere to plant some flowers and small shrubs. It adds natural beauty, contrast and wildlife to your garden. In this particular garden we created 2 plants made by raised sleepers with rounded edges, In one of the planters we even incorporated a seating area.

Where did we start?

Firstly our team had to remove a small shed and decking located in the center of the garden. We used a mini digger to dig out for the sub base in preparation for laying the Indian sandstone and artificial grass, this was around 50mm. Once this was done it was now time to bring through the Type 1 MOT. Once in position it was compacted down to make a solid foundation. Now we have the prep work completed and foundations in place we can now start the work.

How we installed the modern Slatted Screen Fencing

We started off digging out holes for the 9ft wooden fence posts, this was light work when using the post hole diggers. Once the posts were secure using a cement mix approx 6ft in distance per post we could now go ahead and install the slatted screen fencing. We used treated timber slats that were 10cm in width to give it a more modern look. These slats are larger than regular timber battens that are commonly used which will give them extra strength with less movement. Each slat was smooth with rounded edges which made it super easy to install using the nail gun.

A modern raised Sleeper Flowerbed with seating area.

Now the fencing was installed we could now measure up for the raised sleeper flowerbeds. We installed two of these opposite to each other to give that symmetrical look. however, one had a seating area in the center. These were approximately 5 meters in length and 60cm wide. We used a treated plained sleeper which has rounded edges to give it a smoother look and feel. These sleepers look amazing when planted with the addition of coloured lights.

Indian Stone paving

Indian stone is extremely popular nowadays especially with it being robust, easy to maintain and cheaper than porcelain tiles. The customer chose the slate grey mix Indian sand stone which im sure you can agree complements the artificial grass and slatted fencing. There were a large patio area towards the front of the house and also a smaller area at the back of garden which is mainly shaded, perfect to get out of the sun on a hot summers day! Once the patio was laid and set we could clean this off and put in our grey 2 part epoxy grout, this is extremely hard wearing, easy to mix and easy to brush into the grout lines.

Low maintenance premium artificial grass.

With all the messy work done, we could now focus on the finishing touch of installing the artificial grass. The customer opted for a 35mm pile natural premium grass. This artificial grass doesn’t need sand adding as the pile will remain upright for that natural look. This type of premium grass is also dog friendly and hard wearing so its perfect for families with dogs and other pets.

We put the wooden battens tight to the perimeter of the Indian stone and secured them with steaks, once these were drove into the ground the frame was secure with no movement. We used a limestone grit sand which is perfect for dog owners, once flattened we used a heavy duty weed membrane and screwed in the artificial grass.

Im sure you can agree from start to finish this was an amazing transformation, the job only took around 1-2 week to complete. If you have any questions or would like a free no obligation quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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