A Full Pond Clean On An Old Goldfish Pond – Wilmslow, Cheshire

Cleaning a dirty pond

Maintaining a pond is never an easy task. Having the correct equipment is essential for keeping a healthy eco-system for wildlife and fish.

Inheriting a garden pond

The clients had inherited this pond like many other people do after buying a new home. They wanted to keep the pond as it was a lovely feature and loved hearing the sound of water. Not only that, the moving water and the pond itself is a perfect habitat for may creatures, this encourages wildlife to come into the garden.

Over time, if not manually maintained ponds can get very dirty with the build up of debris, leaves and sludge and if left too long it becomes almost impossible to clean. When ponds get to this state, a pond vacuum simply wont cut it! Manual maintenance and great care needs to be taken when it gets like this which is why our team were called in for the job.

Pond cleaning services

Once the pond was completely drained it was clear to see that it hadn’t been cleaned for a while. There was approximately 30cm of sludge and overgrown plants that had to be removed without damaging the liner in the process. Once removed we found buried under the plants bags worth of Scottish cobbles, this was great because we could re-use this on the base of the shallower area. Once the pond was completely cleaned, the surrounding coping stone and waterfall was cleaned using the pressure washer to get this looking “new” again.

Now that the pond was emptied, our residential electrician installed the pump and connected this to an outdoor electrical switch box. The pump was sized correctly for the filter with the allowance of friction / pumping height flow loss to ensure the correct amount was put through the filter. The correct additives were added to ensure that the water was safe for the fish in their new, nice clean pond!















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