Can You Lay Turf In Winter?

Winter can sometimes be the best time of year to start your new garden project, whether that’s laying a new patio or laying some artificial grass. The main question is, when is the best time to lay turf or to re-turf your garden?

Luckily for the UK, turf can be laid any time of the year, spring, summer, autumn or winter, yes winter! It’s a common mistake that people say you cant lay turf in the winter. If done correctly the frost will not damage your new grass.

When is the best time of year to lay turf?

Laying turf in winter Is no difference to laying it any other time of the year, laying it in winter also has its benefits. Sadly, for the UK we have a lot of rain in the winter, this is definitely a benefit with installing new grass in winter, if its raining there’s no need to water it and it will help save on your water bill! One of the most common mistakes in laying turf in summer is not watering it enough, sadly the turf just dries up and dies.

The ground is also softer in winter so it can be easier to dig out your old grass for preparation to laying. Remember, turf rolls will keep in damp colder conditions, but you will still need to lay the turf the same day or within 48hours upon its arrival.

To sum this question up, we think there is no particular time that is best to lay as it will be perfectly fine to lay any time of the year.

Will the frost damage or kill my new lawn?

Frost will surprisingly not damage your newly laid turf. Its a common mistake that people think the frost will kill off the roots of the newly laid turf rolls. As long as the ground is not frozen solid your good to go.

If the ground is frozen the turfs roots cannot knit together and settle in the soil. Although the frost is fine for new grass I wouldn’t expect the grass to grow in these conditions, not until it warms up. We advise waiting for a warmer day to do this.

Leave it to the professionals

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